With coaching we will be focused on specific goals and I will help you make a plan to achieve each goal. Coaching sessions are not required on a weekly basis, you may find that bi-weekly or monthly sessions are helpful. With coaching I will help you chose specific goals you want to work on, break big life-goals down into attainable steps, prioritize segments of your life, improve time management, help with decision making, and track your progress/adjusting your plan when challenges come up. For wellness specific coaching, please check out my WELLNESS INITIATIVE. It's a great way to get started, with a holistic approach. Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long, and follow the same fee schedule as psychotherapy appointments. 30 minute follow up appointments are also available. I may recommend more frequent coaching sessions, if necessary. Or we may discuss whether fully engaging in psychotherapy would be helpful for you as well. Coaching sessions cannot be covered by insurance.