Anxiety has become common place in NYC-life. Pop culture thinks it’s funny or cliche & the current events we are all dealing with should make people anxious. It’s rough out there. But you don’t have to struggle with anxiety and have it take over your life. And you sure as hell don’t have to struggle with it alone. There are many things that can help: running, therapy, mindfulness…. to name a few.

Sometimes anxiety can be helpful. Anxiety is a key that something may be off, an internal warning system… and there are times when you might need to listen to your gut and anxiety alarm bells, and it can be useful. But, for most, anxiety can be too much- overwhelming, exhausting and negatively impacting your day to day enjoyment and productivity.

I work with a lot of New Yorkers… mostly Brooklynites, and many “millennials”… to help lower anxiety levels and find greater fulfillment. There can be many known reasons for anxiety (career or other transitions, being single and wanting a partner, navigating life in the city, etc), but anxiety can also pop up with no clear reason. Either way, we can work together to figure it out and find a sustainable way to make changes.

Want to start identifying (and challenging) negative thoughts that might be adding to your anxiety levels? READ MORE HERE or you can also download the 10 page PDF for FREE that I often send to clients dealing with anxiety.