Start prioritizing your wellness and learn how to stick with it!

Personal wellness (self-care, exercise and physical health, and mental health) are often the first things to disappear from our schedules when life gets busy and chaotic. And, living in NYC, our schedules are ALWAYS busy and chaotic. What better way to save time than to tackle physical and mental health TOGETHER! Instead of trying some fad diet to get in shape for the summer, let's figure out a sustainable plan to improve your personal wellness holistically. 




Gain a clear understanding of what barriers you have to prioritizing your personal wellness.


Getting outside in the winter months is HARD. Doing it together helps improve initial motivation to get the ball rolling.


Get ongoing support implementing new strategies.


Be ready to take the things you learned and started implementing to the next level. 

Who am I?

I’m a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) therapist living and working in Brooklyn. I am not a personal trainer or a fitness coach. I have combined my clinical training with my personal experience as a runner to start THERAPY FOR RUNNERS. I know firsthand how hard it can be to focus on your personal wellness; ESPECIALLY in this crazy city. I also know how incredibly important it is to make personal wellness and self-care a priority. In my personal life and as a runner, I am very goal oriented. I have brought this approach to my clinical work and to THERAPY FOR RUNNERS. I started running only 5 years ago… By slowly getting out there and running (very slowly) and walking, just being active. Literally, one step at a time. I was never the “athletic type” and would often say I wouldn’t even run to catch the train/bus!  5 years later I have completed the NYC Marathon twice, 2 Olympic Distance Triathlons, a 100 mile (Century) Bike ride, and countless other races and half-marathons. My 2018 goal races include: Brooklyn Half Marathon (May 19th) and the Chicago Marathon (October 7th). 

I’m ready and excited to help you meet your wellness goals! 



What’s included (TOTAL VALUE over $1100):

·      2 in-office sessions at my Brooklyn Heights Psychotherapy office. Scheduling flexible (daytime, evenings, and weekends available). $350 value

·      2 run/walk sessions in Prospect Park. Scheduling flexible on weekday mornings, Fridays, or weekends. $450 value

·      Your own Commit30 fitness planner, plus Wellness Initiative guides to keep you on track. $50 value

·      2 30-minute follow up coaching calls (phone or video). $180 value

·      20% off your next 3 in-office or run/walk sessions. Up to $135 value

SIGN UP TODAY for the Wellness Intensive: spring Edition for $850! 


*rainy april SPECIAL*

Sign up before april 30th (for yourself or as a gift)

and save an additional $100!!

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