Hi, I'm Katie!

I love dogs & running & Brooklyn.

I've been a licensed social worker in NYC for over 13 years. I love working with people who are struggling to figure out what they love, and who want to be excited about their lives (work, relationships, etc)-- but just aren't right now. Let's change that!

I have lived in NYC for 17 years. I think that makes me an official(ish) "New Yorker". I graduated from New York University with my MSW in 2008. I received my LCSW in 2014 and completed NYU’s Post Masters Advanced Clinical Practice program in Spring 2015. In more recent years I’ve been attending trainings focused on a more holistic approach to mental health and therapy, including completing: The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method and Mindfulness of the Breathing Body Teacher Training.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring Brooklyn (by foot or bike), hiking in the Catskills, learning new things, and I enjoy the challenge of training for endurance races (half & full marathons, triathlons, century rides, etc).

I’ve worked with so many people who say they are wanting to be more confident, and are waiting until that time comes to make some big changes in their lives. And I’ve dealt with my own confidence rollercoaster, and all the ways that shows up (and still sometimes shows up). So personally, I’ve come to believe that waiting for confidence is a waste of time (and I’m not always the most patient person, especially with myself). So, why wait?

Let’s work together to make some of the big (and little) changes you’d like to see in your life. And let’s make them happen NOW. Ways to stop worrying about the things that don’t matter (aka giving no fucks), finding balance (with work, life, relationships, yourself) and being authentically you. Whatever that means. We can deal with the confidence piece later.