So, it's official. I am not the best at regularly keeping up with this whole blog-writing thing. I will aim to do better, pinky swear. 

It's April (already mid April! woah), and I'm about halfway into training for the Brooklyn Half. I have been easing my way back into running and training, after taking some time off this winter (and post NYC Marathon 2017). This Brooklyn Half will be my 4th time running this fun race, within the last 5 years. (took last year off to do the century bike Ride to Montauk, which was very challenging and a lot of fun). Very much looking forward this year to running to Coney Island. 

Stay tuned for some exciting things Therapy For Runners will have to help with the end of Brooklyn Half training. (Hint hint: it might have something to do with my favorite topic, self-care). 

In the meantime, check out the Spring Wellness Intensive offerings. Full package on sale ($100 off!) until April 30th!