After a recent website re-vamp, you might have noticed that there are a couple F-bombs circulating around. For awhile, I used to censor myself (once editing out a rogue FUCK from a past blog post). Over the years of being a therapist (now, well over a decade), I would often work especially hard to not say certain words in sessions, fuck very often being one of them. I don’t swear more than your average New Yorker, but I do swear. And I’m done hiding it. How can I help you be authentically you, and not fully embrace my own goddamn self?! I can’t.

I also cannot count on my fingers & toes the number of times I’ve heard from people about previous bad therapy experiences they had- where they felt judged for swearing, and one person said the therapist even asked they did not swear in session. I was and am so appalled by this. And want you to know, I will not be that therapist.

I have worked with people who will quickly apologize after swearing, or ask permission to say a bad word in session. Again, 100% not necessary. There will be plenty of other things you need to give yourself permission for, that will likely come up in sessions (hint hint: taking care of yourself and your needs and making this a priority in your life), but swearing will never be one of them.

So, this week I got my new office toy- the photo cover here. And I fucking love it!

IMG_8569 (1).JPG