So, I have been a casual instagram user in my personal life- only following a handful of close friends, some running-related pages, and a lot of dogs & cats ;) so I started the Therapy for Runners Instagram LAST WEEK, and already have over 600 followers. It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I never, ever would have expected to see that number keep climbing. I feel incredibly humbled and excited, but also now (as never before) feeling the pressure to keep posting things and find interesting things in my life (related to therapy or running), and sometimes I'm just not that funny or interesting, and definitely do not always have smart things to say/post about running and therapy.  (confession)

But, I will try to keep it up. I like it. I like following runners in Brooklyn & NYC (and all around the globe) and seeing what an incredible online community runners have. It is nice being a part of that. Really nice.

So, thank you Instagram and internet running community for welcoming me into your club!